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I am just a teenager who is living life to the fullest in accordance with love. She is currently hoping for the best and living at the present. I hope I don't ruin your minds when you start browsing my blog. They say I'm lucky, but I'm lucky to have you as my follower. Feel free to do so. I hope, I won't annoy you because I do post personal things here.
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Perfect Buys



Perfect_Buys@Yahoo.com.ph || Instagram: @perfect_buys

Hello guys! This is our online shop, Of course, I had a collaboration with my cousin, Lilac. She is the one who started this and I am just the one who posts and sometimes, advertises the online shop. I just want to share, what is this all about. As a girl, we like shopping but always with a limit. We would want to share that even preloved items could bring you happiness.

Now, the items posted are my preloved cases. I have used them for some time now. And my reason for selling them is that I will not be able to use them any longer since I have a new device to use. So I just wish that you will help us propagate our online shop. Thank you!

So before was done months ago and now, it is fixed. I was traumatized in a way on what really happened. The impact was that big to me because my mom was with me in the car.

So before was done months ago and now, it is fixed. I was traumatized in a way on what really happened. The impact was that big to me because my mom was with me in the car.

I have not written for so long that I might be wondering what may happen to this blog. I have many things to write but I don’t know where to start.

11|11|13: Half-day with my crazy groupmates! This is our last hurrah for our paper before endorsement! Forgive our crazy faces because we worked for a number of hours.

Kapag ako may sakit, sobrang hindi ko kaya na gumawa ng kahit anong trabaho. Siguro kasi yung katawan ko wala sa kondisyon para gumawa ng kahit ano kasi nga may sakit. Hindi man siguro malala yung sakit pero pakiramdam ko, sobrang bigat yung nakapatong sa ulo ko.

Defense Jitters

This might be an end of the day post and it’s sort of late due to my thoughts are really scattered as of the moment. I am thinking of our deadlines as well as other requirements that might be significant to academics and extra-academics as well.

This term is a tedious term because it is my last academic term in my whole stay in CSB. It would have been better if the schedule of my classes wouldn’t been so early nor late as it might affect my laziness directly and indirectly. But what is the connection of this matter to my post title?

That was just an introduction, we’re still on the way to discovering what transpired during the defense itself.

The day started pretty well. It was an ordinary Tuesday which turned out to be a Wednesday schedule for us since it was a make-up schedule. I started my day praying and thanking Bro for another day that might influence my last term in CSB. Nevertheless, I continued by going to my Produma class and preparing for the make-up quizzes which could pull your grades up if you have a failing mark in the midterm grade. Mine’s satisfying so I decided not to go the finals later (Wednesday, 08-28-2013) and just continue doing my other requirements. After which, I waited for my groupmates because we talked about practicing for our defense, which was at the apartment since it’s nearer and accessible.

Even if we were nervous about what may happen, we still continued to do our respective tasks and studied our slides and our papers for the defense.

When we arrived at school, we were just in time and we relaxed for a bit and tried to calm our nerves since we were really nervous of what might happen there.

Our defense started minutes past the 0630 pm, I was in charge of the laptop/multimedia and the presentation. I prepared it in time for our defense. Set it all up and began clicking for the powerpoint. Little did I notice that time was a bit slow and I wanted to finish early yet they really maxed out the time that was given. 

At the end of the day, our paper had revisions which we needed to consider. Points that we should’ve discussed, and details that we shouldn’t miss.

Even so, remember to be always prepared no matter what the cost may be.

Lesson learned: Pay attention to details and really PREPARE.

Haven’t updated this blog because I got nothing to say, really. When I update my other blogs, it is because for the sake of posting my selfies for our Aesthet project. Seems hassle isn’t it? But it is actually kinda fun. In a way.

Imperfect but versatile: Ukulele

Try looking at my post here with this link. I showed in this photo how did I describe my love for music. :)

Thank you for this Zalora PH! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity of making me a brand ambassador for you! I will surely remember this forever! :)

Thank you for this Zalora PH! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity of making me a brand ambassador for you! I will surely remember this forever! :)

McSPICY Launch

First time to be introduced in the Philippines, McSpicy is made of 100% whole chicken meat flavored with the right spices, crunchy lettuce, and special mayonnaise in between water split buns. It can be enjoyed a la carte for Php80, while McSpicy Value Meal can be enjoyed for Php115 with regular Fries and a drink or Php135 with a Medium sized Fries and a drink.

Click the link above you. :D

Section Defiance

I haven’t written about this yet but I got my first ever minor offense due to wearing my Sanuk Tube Flops.

Side note: I told the authorities or the DO that it wasn’t made of rubber thus not violating the dress code. However, they didn’t believe me.

This is one of the many downsides of having no uniforms when you go to school. Even if we are lifted upon the conformity of wearing clothes almost identical to another, we are still to abide with the dress code which will be eventually changed starting this academic year.

Academic year - term I got from studying in La Salle schools. AY is equivalent to the SY we used to know which is school year.

I don’t know exactly why am I writing this but sometimes I do find other officers to be unfair when implementing the dress code. I do see people sometimes, who go to school with even shorter skirts. It’s quite unnoticeable since we don’t have the same height. 

The real situation is, I missed my seminar yesterday which was about the first offense due to that tube flops. Now, I saw the consequence which could be a major offense or if I can give them a valid reason why wasn’t I able to attend the seminar then I might be off this. Now, the real deal is that I am gathering bits of information to prove that my tube flops aren’t made of rubber. I have looked and browsed at different sites which gave me different answers that could really help. What I don’t understand is that, a minor offense such as that could get a seminar quickly?

While others, seem to get their freedom from wearing inappropriate attire.

The first time that I got a warning was due to a skirt. It looked shorter since I have to climb the stairs. They wanted me to pull it so low that it will look like 2” above my knee which I find so high school/elementary. Thing is, the guards stationed at the gate should have measured the distance of the hemline of my skirt from my knees yet the did not.Thus, they did instruct me to go to the DO. Anyway, let’s skip those. I don’t quite get the logic of attending a seminar with just a minor offense and this is due to a misconception of the idea that my footwear was made of rubber.


Here is a sample of the Sanuk tube flops.

From a site (http://www.fabulouswon.com/2010/08/04/these-sandals-were-made-for-walking-sanuk-review-giveaway/)

The following are descriptions of a pair of Sanuk tube flops:

  • These Are Not Shoes, They’re Sandals!
  • Super Soft, High Rebound, Molded EVA Footbed featuring AEGIS Antimicrobial additive
  • Layered Upper with Frayed Edge and Print Detail
  • Handmade Canvas/Textile Upper
  • Contrasting, Synthetic Liner
  • Happy U Outsole
  • Vegan and Vegetarian